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TOP / Master Craftsman's expertise(IYOBE's upholstery technique)

The Showplace of Chair Making -Upholstery Technique

The chair making process begins with wood and progresses to the upholstery stage. Upholstery is the face of the chair. The tension of the fabric is an important design feature in the chairs' comfort. Some experts say the quality of a chair is determined by the upholstery. It is a sacred skill which relies heavily upon the feelings of the craftsman's fingers.

A classic chair in the Louis XVI style.
The sculptured wood frame is ornamented gold leaf. The master craftsman's expertise is very evident.

@ Before the upholstery is applied, cotton is layered onto the wood frame. The tension supplied by the upholstery fabric effects the comfort and appearance of the chair. The skill of an expert is essential for this task.
National Guest Palace (Kyoto). Easy chair production in progress.

@ The process called "wicker work", in which strips of fabric tape crisscross the wood frame. This underlay provides cushioning for the chair. @

East meets the West.  Send skill and the Japanese beauty to the world

Rendering (Story Board)
Almost a half century of IYOBE's chair making experience. Designed with skillful expertise, the seat boasts pocket coil springs and feather padding on the back, while balance and sitting positions are also provided for. Azuma is also designed slightly larger, for export to European and American countries.
@ @

Completed product.
Sofa structure of Azuma
Upholstery Technique
Wood Working Technique
Mirror Finish Technique
Chair Making Step-by-Step

As a craftsman, he seeks to achieve the highest quality product. As an entrepreneur, he seeks to ensure his traditional upholstery techniques will carry into the next generation. Through the story of the founder Kisaku Iobe, we learn how a craftsman achieved a great reputation as a furniture manufacturer.
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