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In the case of corporations and shops, a space to entertain visitors influences perception of corporate image. IYOBE offers a variety of contracts, responding to the various needs of the customers by providing everything from design to construction, including the overall concept of the space, the interior design, and of course, furniture. We work closely with customers according to their specific requests, which may include such time, trend, and texture.



Custom-made furniture made with skilled techniques and state-of-the-art equipment

In addition to custom specifications for catalog products, we will listen to your requests for size, material, etc. and design the product from the beginning. Please also discuss the comfort of the chair. When it comes to painting, we can also provide a mirror finish, also known as piano painting, or open painting that takes advantage of the wood grain.



Integrated manufacturing in our own factory

Our own factory has departments for woodworking, painting, cutting, sewing, and upholstery. We can handle the entire process from production to delivery of boxes such as storage and cabinets, conference tables and desks, upholstered sofas, etc., all in our own factory.



You can check the manufacturing process at our main factory in Tokyo.

Our main factory is located in Koto-ku, Tokyo. In the adjacent showroom, you can hold meetings and inspect products while feeling close to the manufacturing site. It is also possible to check the process before delivery.